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Lighting,Lighting India, Distributors Lighting Delhi,Suppliers Lighting
Charming Home Aids Lighting


Bajaj Lighting spreads the glow of trust in every nook and corner of the country with a comprehensive range of lamps. Most of our Lamps and Tubelights are manufactured by our group company, M/s Hind Lamps Ltd. which for many decades had a technical collaboration with Philips N.V. of Holland. Each one of our products undergoes hundreds of quality tests before reaching millions of homes in India.
  • Bajaj GLS Lamps
  • Bajaj Fluorescent Tubes
  • Bajaj Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)
  • Bajaj Consumer Luminaries
  • Bajaj Miniature Lamps

    Electric Water Heaters,Floodlight Luminaire,Streetlight Luminaires,Electric Kettle,Toaster,Hot Plate,Cooker,Steam Iron,Vacuum Cleaner